Do You Know Where Google Gets All of Their Spray Foam News From…

google-newsGoogle News is one of the world’s largest aggregators of global news. is recognized by Google as the leading website in the world for spray foam news information.

Don’t just take our word for it, go to and type the keyword ”spray foam” into the search box. You will quickly discover that nearly 80% or more of the spray foam related news stories featured by Google News come from When you click on these stories, they take you directly to, where your company’s news and company links are quickly found.

When your SPF company has a news story published on, your company’s news and brand message end up in Google News almost instantly. As a bonus, that very same information is also sent out directly to Google’s thousands of subscribers to ”Google Alerts” for the same keywords.

With the power of Google Alerts, your news stories now transform from PR to direct marketing, and end up in thousands of subscribers’ email inboxes, every day.

Now your company can enjoy a POWERFUL PR program through and Google News by simply working with our editors to develop feature articles about the many benefits, new products and applications of this great insulation and roofing building material.

All of this additional publicity comes FREE with a news release, digital spotlight, and editorial spotlight.

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