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What is an Editorial Spotlight in Spray Foam Magazine?

Advertising has always been about telling a story. Today, that notion has never been more true. However, traditional ads can only tell so much of a story. Audiences need more, and so modern advertising has shifted to a content-focused medium. Always the industry’s technological leader, Spray Foam Magazine has provided advertisers with a way to take advantage of advertising’s content-oriented trend: the Editorial Spotlight.
Editorial Spotlights lend Spray Foam Magazine’s storytelling tools to underwriters in order to reach our audience more effectively. Consisting of 4 pages (2 full spreads), Editorial Spotlights combine 3 pages of content and a full-page ad. Each Editorial Spotlight closes with a brief section directing readers to contact the underwriter about the article’s subject matter, which can range from building science and safety, to technical issues and company history. The options are endless.
First Page of Content  |  Ad (Supplied by Client)
Second Page of Content  | Third Page of Content

What do I get with an Editorial Spotlight?

One (1) Article in Spray Foam Magazine — Which Includes Three (3) Pages of Content, Contact Info with One (1) Phone Number Listing, and One (1) Website Link

One (1) Full-Page Ad — To be placed next to the first page of the article, linked to One (1) website; **Artwork provided by underwriter/client**

Article on SprayFoamMagazine.com —  The Editorial Spotlight article will be republished on the homepage of SprayFoamMagazine.com and SprayFoamMagazine.com

How will you promote my Editorial Spotlight?

Digital Release

Editorial Spotlights are repurposed as a news article and published on the homepage of SprayFoamMagazine.com.

Social Network Reach

Editorial Spotlights are promoted to our follower base on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Email Promotion

Editorial Spotlights are featured in the Recent News section of SprayFoamMagazine.com’s bi-weekly newsletter.

Many SPF Industry Leaders are Shifting Towards Content Marketing:

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