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Buyers Guide Listings for Suppliers and Contractors

SprayFoamMagazine.com advertising programs are broken into two major categories:

  • Buyer’s Guide Listings, and
  • Banner Ad / Sponsor Programs.

The baseline or minimum program consists of a company listing in our extensive Spray Foam Industry Buyer’s Guide. All advertisers MUST have a Listing in our Buyer’s Guide.

The Buyer’s guide is segmented by suppliers and contractors. A company can only be listed as a Contractor or a Supplier, not both. If a Company wishes to be listed as both a Contractor and a Supplier, they will need to purchase separate listings under separate companies, and show sufficient evidence that the company engages wholesale jerseys in manufacturing, distribution and contractor work.

Contractor Listings include (3) three US States or Canadian Provinces to be listed and searched under. Additional States can be purchased separately at our current rates. Supplier Listings are Nationally/Globally based and can include up to ten (10) market segment categories, as long as the company is active in those respective categories. Additional category listings are optional.

Buyers Guide Payment Terms

Monthly Insertion / Payment Orders

SprayFoamMagazine.com accepts monthly payment / insertion orders via credit card automatic charge/debit ONLY. Credit card charges are automatically processed on the first day of every month regardless of program starting date. Therefore if an Advertiser signs up on the twentieth day of the month, their credit card will «Любительская» be processed again on the first day of the next upcoming month, and on the first day every subsequent month. Due to merchant account limitations, we cannot accept credit card payments greater than $15,000 per account, per month. Any invoicing greater than this amount will require company check, or wire transfer.

Advertiser specifically agrees to pay for all subsequent and continuing monthly charges until canceled in writing. Monthly Buyer’s Guide Listing advertisers may cancel at anytime with 30 days advanced written notice. If cancellation occurs, the listing will be inactivated on the last day of the month, regardless of program starting date.

SprayFoamMagazine.com reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. Our best efforts will always be put forth to make advanced notification of any price increases.

Canceled or Declined Credit Cards

If an advertiser’s credit card is canceled or declined at time of charge (1st day of every month), the advertiser will be given five (5) days to make alternate payment. If we have not received payment by the fifth (5th) day of the month, the account will be inactivated and all ads and programs on the site will be removed, until payment is made. If credit cards is cancelled or declined, three times or more, in any given 12 month period, the advertiser may not be allowed to continue without making payment in full for the year. Any seniority or premium ad positions may also be forfeited.

Annual Insertion / Payment Orders

SprayFoamMagazine.com also offers a significant discount for annual payment / insertion orders. Advertisers wishing to take advantage of our annual payment programs will be invoiced approximately 60 days prior to renewal. All renewal dates will be assigned to the last day of the month the advertiser signed up in. If payment is not received prior to the program termination date, all advertising programs will be inactivated.
SprayFoamMagazine.com reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. Our best efforts will always be put forth to make advanced notification of any price increases.

Refund / Cancellation / Transfer Policy

Monthly Buyer’s Guide Listing advertisers may cancel at anytime with 30 days advanced written notice. If cancellation occurs, the listing will be inactivated on the last day of the month, regardless of program starting date.

SprayFoamMagazine.com DOES NOT have Product a refund or cancellation policy for any annual or prepaid advertising packages. If Advertiser wishes to cancel a pre-paid advertising program, credit will be issued for use within one year of cancellation. After one year from date of cancellation, any credit issued is null and void.

SprayFoamMagazine.com will allow Advertiser to transfer any remaining credit to another Advertiser or company. Transfer will be in credit dollars only to use toward any Advertising programs currently available.

Banner Ad / Site Sponsor Programs

Banner Ad programs can be run on virtually any page(s) of our website. Unless specifically agreed to in writing, NO BANNER ADS WILL RUN EXCLUSIVELY in any location. All Banner Placements rotate inside of a pool of other ads. Banner Ads are placed, and rotated into their respective position based on individual page loads/views.

All Banner Advertising and Sponsor Programs MUST have a paid Supplier Directory Listing or Contractor Finder Listing in good financial standing. Under no circumstances will any banner ad link outside of SprayFoamMagazine.com. All Banner Ads will be directly linked to the Advertiser’s Buyer’s Guide Listing, unless specifically agreed to in writing. Therefore, if the Advertiser’s Buyer’s Guide Listing expires during the term of their Banner Ad program, or is not in good financial standing, Advertiser’s Banner Ads may not link properly to the Advertiser’s contact information.

SprayFoamMagazine.com will make every effort place Banner Ads in the areas, or pages requested by advertiser. Ultimately, it is the Advertiser’s responsibility to assure Banner Ads are running on the pages they desire, in the locations they desire.

SprayFoamMagazine.com reserves the right to change Banner Cheap NFL Jerseys Ad spaces, sizes and page locations without notification. Every effort will be made to give sufficient advanced notification of any planned Banner Ad space modifications.

SprayFoamMagazine.com reserves the right to charge different rates for different pages, or areas on the website. SprayFoamMagazine.com reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. Our best efforts will always be put forth to make advanced notification of any price increases.

Premium Space Banner Ad Programs

Premuim space ad programs include, but are not limited to home page banner ads, channel sponsor programs, and custom campaigns. A signed insertion order must be in hand at least 30 days prior to expiration or renewal to hold this premium space. Advertiser makes no gaurantees as to ray ban sunglasses sale availablility and continuity of premium ad space within this 30-day renewal period.

Site Sponsor / Premium Ad Programs Call Tracking

All Site Sponsor and Premium Ad Programs include our proprietary Digital Intent Call Monitoring & Tracking software included as standard. Each advertiser will be provided with one toll free custom phone number that will route directly the phone number of Advertiser’s choice. This number will be included in all advertising and PR content on the website so each Advertiser can track campaign success.  Each Advertiser will be provided witha secure login to the Digital Intent Call Monitoring and Tracking Software where they can review and evaluate all advertising success and phone call quality control performance.  Additional phone numbers and account login access can be granted at additional cost based on our standard rates.  All calls are recorded under FCC compliant guidelines for the sole use of the advertiser and the website.

Advertising Artwork and Supplied Text Copy

Supplied Artwork

Unless specifically agreed to in writing, Advertiser purchases “Space Only.” All artwork, logo’s, wholesale jerseys graphics, text copy, videos, etc. (hereinafter referred to as ARTWORK) are to be supplied by Advertiser in the correct format specifications. Accuracy and quality of supplied ARTWORK and/or any ARTWORK posted by SprayFoamMagazine.com, or Advertiser, is the full responsibility of Advertiser.
SprayFoamMagazine.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions. All ARTWORK is to be supplied by the Advertiser in the exact size and format specified.

SprayFoamMagazine.com assumes no responsibility for, and makes no guarantees for cheap oakleys the quality and/or usability of supplied artwork. If ARTWORK is not supplied in the correct size and/or format, SprayFoamMagazine.com may, at our own discretion, elect to modify the artwork, or delay its use until new, corrected ARTWORK is supplied by the Advertiser.

All Banner Ads and Buyer’s Guide Search Listing Logos MUST REPRESENT the Advertiser’s Company Name and Branded Products ONLY. Multiple Company Logos, and/or Brands CANNOT be represented in any given Banner Ad or Search Listing Logo, unless the Advertiser is the rightful owner of that Brand or Entity. If the Advertiser is paying for a co-op Branded Logo, or Banner Ad that is not under their Company Name or Corporate Ownership, proof of their rights or permission to use may be required.

Intellectual Property Rights

Advertiser certifies that all Artwork, logo’s, graphics, and text copy are their own intellectual property and are free and clear of any and all copyright and/or trademark infringement. Advertiser holds harmless, SprayFoamMagazine.com, with regard to any intellectual property claims arising from their advertising program(s) or self-published content. If any third party implies that Advertiser’s Artwork is infringing upon their rights, the ad program will be inactivated until sufficient written authorization is provided to prove otherwise.

Internet Service Outages/ Website Uptime

SprayFoamMagazine.com is hosted by third party web servers and is not responsible for any website, or internet service outages. SprayFoamMagazine.com will do its best to assure maximum website uptime. Periodic maintenance operations are necessary to keep the website functioning properly. From time to time the website may not be available due to maintenance issues, outages in Internet service, or other controllable or uncontrollable factors.

Website Terms of Service and Use

In addition to these Advertising Terms and Conditions, Advertiser must abide by all Website Terms and Service of Use. A link to these Terms and Conditions of Use can be found in the footer of the website.