Print Ad Sizes & Specifications

Page Dimensions

Full Page (8.375 in x 10.875 in)
Two-Page Spread (16.75 in x 10.875 in)
1/2 Page Horizontal (7.5 in x 5 in)

Ad Spec Requirements

*PDF Resolution MUST BE at least 300 dpi and COLOR set to CMYK
**BLEED: .25” must be added to all four sides. Any LIVE content should not be used in this area.
***MARGINS: All text/type must be kept at least .5” from live edges. Any important content should be kept at least .25” from trim.

+ CROP MARKS: We ask for NO crop marks be included in an export.

Ad Approval

Spray Foam Magazine reserves the right to reject any ad submitted that does not meet the required criteria. This includes technical requirments and professional design requirements.

Artwork Supply Method

We advise that artwork is generated only in the following design programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat in CMYK. We cannot accept responsibility for any unwanted results from artwork originally generated in any other programs, especially programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

All nonvector artwork should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi. Any artwork supplied lower than 300dpi will print blurred. EPS and Illustrator files should have their final output set to 2540. PDFs should be set as follows: overall resolution of 2540, individual line art resolution of 1200dpi and individual bitmap resolution of 300dpi.

Please save all Photoshop files as either uncompressed TIFF files or Photoshop EPS files. All Photoshop files must be flattened prior to saving.

Re-Supplying Artwork

We aim to check and prepare for print all artwork as soon as it is received. If you need to amend your artwork and re-supply it, you must contact your rep to arrange this.

** We cannot accept responsibility if incorrect versions are printed when multiple versions have been supplied and no specific instructions have been given. **

Artwork should be saved in PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPEG format.

Graphic Design Services

With client supplied hi-res images and copy, prices typically run around $150/hr. See your sales rep for details and a quotation for design services.

Ad Delivery

All final artwork can be submitted via email to your rep or contact. If the file is too large to send, please contact us for FTP submission info.

Mechanical Specs

Accepted File Formats:
EPS, TIFF, PDF (see notes). Native files: Adobe InDesign (CS4) Adobe Photoshop (CS4), Adobe Illustrator (CS4). Native files must include all support files and fonts.

If you supply an EPS as instructed above, all fonts will automatically be embedded into your file. If supplying a native application file, all screen and printer fonts must be included in a designated folder.

All screened graphics (CMYK or grayscale) should have an effective resolution of 300 dpi. All bitmap graphics (line art) should have an effective resolution of 600 dpi. Note: When you enlarge a graphic, you are changing the effective resolution.

All advertisements are 4-color. There is no extra charge for color. Colors should be correctly defined as four-color process. All RGB, LAB, and index colors must be converted to CMYK. Materials sent in PMS or RGB formats will be separated into CMYK at additional cost to the advertiser.

Additional Information:
A color laser proof, output at 100%, with clearly defined color breaks and other important layout information must be supplied with every digital ad in order to ensure correct printing.

Any ad that is designed to bleed should extend at least 0.25″ past the trim. On full wholesale page ads, all vital copy (text or images) should be no closer than 0.5″ to the trim. Make sure all colors in the color palette are correctly defined as four-color process. All RGB, LAB, and Index colors must be converted to CMYK or the appropriate spot color.

Do not use rules less than 0.25 point. (May not appear in the final product.) All ads requiring changes at the publisher will be billed to the advertiser at prevailing rates; extensive changes may preclude advertiser from qualifying for an agency discount.

Video Submissions:
If an advertisier would like to have a video embedded into their ad, it must be supplied in a high res format capable of scaling when pages are zoomed. Typical formats are Quicktime (.mov) and MPEG4 (.mp4). Additional charges apply.